Introducing a totally new concept to the World of Racing!

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Streamlined Investments

ToteRaider only selects the top 8 horses in the betting market; which produces over 90% of all the winners world wide.


Setting Your Target

From the time of the first race, the bookmarker has set the odds.

Now you can be thatbookmaker setting your odds against the tote.


User Friendly

With ToteRaider, 4 default strategies and runners pre-selected by the Tote plus the default odds in place, the program with its simple tree structure is a breeze to operate.

Firm Facts VS. Fanciful Form

Statistics not form. Indeed the racers are irrelevant
Stock Market principles of moving averages now incorporated into racing industry

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Complementary two weeks selections FREE in advance following your enquiry
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Gerold Schroeder
Cobbity NSW 2570

I have been dabbling with racing for 30 years and after seeing Tote Raider live I was more than impressed.
I don't even have to pick the horses they are automatically selected for me. This is magic.

M Shone
Werribee Vic

This is indeed a remarkable program, eliminating a lot of the things that are wrong with the whole process of racing in Australia.
I can set up my days racing and the program stops when I have reached my goal for the day.

Jenny Charnock
Goulburn NSW

I am new to investing in racing, and am very excited by the ease of learning that ToteRaider demonstrates.